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Wishing the NEH a happy 50th Anniversary!

The Coptic SCRIPTORIUM team would like to wish the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), a happy 50th anniversary! We would like to thank the NEH for supporting Coptic SCRIPTORIUM. Cheers to the NEH!


Corpora and how to use ANNIS

Coptic SCRIPTORIUM provides Coptic texts for reading, analysis, and complex searches. For a full list of our text corpora, please click here. We have also added answers to who and what some people and terms mean on our main site. A video tutorial given by Amir Zeldes and Caroline T. Schroeder is also available on how to search our database using the tool ANNIS.


(Originally posted in December of 2014 at

Our lightning round presentation at the NEH is now online

We gave a brief presentation about Coptic SCRIPTORIUM at the NEH Office of Digital Humanities Project Directors’ meeting in September.  We’re at the 9:38 time marker.  Video is from the NEHgov channel on youtube.


Welcome to Coptic SCRIPTORIUM’s new blog.  Check back soon for more news.

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